3 Things Morning Owl Natural Latex Mattress Does Differently

Since I keep talking about the importance of switching to a high-quality mattress, and my experience in treating my chronic back pain, today I am here to tell you guys what three things I found different in Morning Owl natural latex mattress.

In one of my articles, I shared why I chose Morning Owl natural latex mattress amongst the myriad of options available in the Indian market. Today, I am going to talk about three things I noticed the brand doing differently than the rest. Please note that I am just sharing my viewpoint and not forcing anyone to believe the same or make the same choices as I did.

In case you are interested in knowing what are those three things that make MO stand differently — and the reasons that pushed me to choose it amongst many others, here are they:

1. 100 Nights of Free Trial

I see a lot of brands offering a free trial on their mattresses these days but Morning Owl natural latex mattress offers 100 nights of free trial which I guess, hardly one or two other latex mattress brands offer. A free trial is something extremely important that you cannot miss. Firstly, it gives you the freedom to take your money back in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, it assures you of making the right decision if your mattress works wonders — just as claimed.

2. Focus on High Breathability & Medium-Firmness

Every mattress — cheap or premium-quality claims about providing high support and comfort. These two aspects are not just specifications for them but their key phrases to market their product and generate more sales. I have seen a 4 inches coir mattress make the same claims as an 8 inches premium-quality natural latex mattress. All of them talk about providing high support to your spinal column.

What I saw Morning Owl natural latex mattress do differently is its deep focus on high breathability. Each of their mattresses undergoes the pin core hole technology wherein thousands of small holes are punched inside the mattress foam to make it bouncier and more breathable. This added air circulation in the mattress not just protects the sleeper against suffocation and sweaty-nights but also assures pain-free sleep by improving the blood circulation inside the body.

Furthermore, I have usually seen mattress brands offering two sides of firmness — soft and firm so that the sleeper can flip the mattress as per his requirement. This might seem beneficial at first but if you ask an expert, it is not the best solution for someone suffering from body aches and looking for a specific kind of firmness level.

The comfort and support are highly affected in dual-sided mattresses as the layers are divided into different firmness zones. What Morning Owl does differently in this regard is that it constantly talks about medium-firmness and its importance to get a restful sleep. I haven’t really seen any other brand emphasize the importance of medium-firmness so much — and I have experienced the difference too.

3. Certifications

Last but not least, why MO stands differently for me is because it holds the certifications that no other Indian latex mattress brand holds collectively. Morning Owl latex mattresses are certified by:


· OEKO-TEX Standard 100



These certificates assure the sleeper for zero-usage of toxins inside the mattress along with 100% safety. If you want to know the specific testing criteria of each of these certifying agencies, you can search for them and know what is the importance of holding these certifications for a mattress brand.

These were a few important things I noticed in Morning Owl natural latex mattress differently. Have you tried sleeping on any latex mattress? What has your experience been like? Feel free to share them with me and in case you have any doubts regarding the mattress industry, I would love to help you guys by sharing all I know.

(Please note that I am not an expert — just an avid customer who purchases after thorough research and comparisons)

I’m Mohsin— a mattress expert and a creative writer. Hover through my content to get a clear idea of what exactly I write and stay informed!